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Rottweiler winner wags different bottom line
Thursday, September 07, 2006
Suzanne Hively
Plain Dealer Columnist

Friendly Dutch Sjven is a Rottweiler with a tale about his tail.   He has a long tail, because he was born in the Netherlands, where tail docking is not permitted. However, he is an American and Canadian Kennel Club champion.

Carol Laskey of Rainbow Rottweilers in West Salem, who imported and owns the dog, says he is the only long-tailed Rottweiler to have an American Kennel Club championship.

The American Kennel Club standard for Rottweilers states that the tail should be docked short, close to body, leaving one or two tail vertebrae, but the standard goes on to state that the set of the tail is more important than the length.

The set, or angle at which the dog carries its tail, should give the impression of elongation of topline and should be carried slightly above horizontal when the dog is excited or moving. 

May 2006

New York State Assembly 2006
Bill Summary - A11242 - To Prohibit canine tail docking and ear cropping

2002 The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has recently
made a statement with regards to cosmetic tail docking in the dog.
Essentially, and ultimately the AVMA would like to see this type of
cosmetic procedure discontinued for cosmetic purposes only.

The good news is that the South African Veterinary Council have now stipulated that as from June 2007 tail docking will be regarded as an unethical procedure and any veterinarian carrying out the procedure after this date could be charged with unprofessional, improper or disgraceful conduct..

After extensive discussions with various organisations and pressure from our National Clinicians Group they decided that the best approach was a two year time frame during which the Council will actively engage with those breed societies still requiring docking as part of their breed standard to inform them of this decision and allow them time to alter the standards in line with what is happening internationally.

AUSTRALIA - because of the connection between cruelty to animals and the
abuse of children all suspected cases of cruelty have to be reported.

What kind of repair can be made now ??
Greetings from a like-minded friend in the U.S. I found an adult female Rottweiler who already had her tail docked. Unfortunately, it was not properly done, and there is insufficient skin left to cover the bone at the end of the tail - the skin barely coversthe bone, if at all - and it is constantly getting infected and irritating her. her tail was also docked very short. do you have any info regarding what kind of repair can be made now to correct this situation - she is a young adult and i don't want her to have to deal with this problem the rest of her life. I am not wild about the idea of re-docking her tail, and there is not much to work with anyway. I would appreciate any help or suggestions you can give me. Keep up the good work! I hope your movement migrates across the pond soon.USA 18/5/05

'The Virgin Islands Senate overrode the veto of the senate's version of
the legislation yesterday. This means that docking ears and tails is
considered first-degree animal abuse. Because this was a veto override,
it automatically becomes law. The governor cannot do anything to change

3/2005 NEW ZEALAND - A Schnauzer breeder in Waikato Rose Elle imports
pedigree lines from overseas and has docked tails of five month old dogs
that arrived in NZ with tails intact! Vet Jodi Salinsky has to patch up
botched home docking jobs like this one

View article here

docked puppy

3/2005 AUSTRALIA Queensland - Liza Bacchiella was fined $1000 for docking
five Rottweiler puppies between May and June 2004. The maximum fine is
$7500 or 6 months in jail. A New South Wales man was jailed for 6
months but the circumstances were more severe than the Queensland one.
Vet Dr. Anita Kocsis referred to docking as an unethical and cruel
practice of cutting off the end of the puppy's spine with no
anaesthetics. It is like having a finger chopped off.
It is painful to
the puppies, they become distressed and whimper.

West Hollywood USA
On Feb. 7, 2005 the Council voted unanimously to direct the City
Attorney to prepare an ordinance banning canine tail-docking,
ear-cropping and other cosmetic procedures.
Last year, the city started regulating pet-grooming companies by
mandating that animals have fresh water. Local businesses must report
injuries related to groomig with 24 hours. The city also designates
residents as pet guardians rather than pet owners.
On 21st April 2003 the City passed the animal declawing ban.

LATVIA. Luckily in Latvia it is not allowed to dock dogs tails anymore.
Or ears. A vet who dares to do it may loose the licence. And I have not
heard that any vet was willing to do it anyway. So here all the dogs
have tails as God has designed them to be. As this law is not so long
ago, there still are dogs (older ones) who have their tails docked. But
not the young ones. Ilona 1/05

CZECHOSLOVAKIA. I own a 3yr-old female Rottweiler that I imported to
the UK from the Czech Republic, where docking is forbidden! I certainly
want to support your anti-docking campaign and it is my wish not to
dock puppies from my female. Best of luck. Pavlina 1/05


Quote from tvnz.co.nz
Vets support tail docking ban

Jan 18, 2005
The New Zealand Veterinary Association is urging MPs to support a bill
banning the docking of dogs' tails. The Bill, drafted by the Labour MP
Dianne Yates, passed its first reading in Parliament in August and was
sent to a select committee for public submissions.
The Veterinary Association says docking tails is painful, and many
breeds of dogs are docked for reasons which are now obsolete.
The association's animal welfare co-ordinator, Virginia Williams, says
there's little evidence to support the argument that the undocked tails
of hunting dogs can become damaged. She says even when there is damage
it can be repaired.

From Stuff.co.nz 21/10/04
A move to ban tail docking in dogs has won support from the Veterinary
Association. Parliament last night voted 79-37 to send the Animal
Welfare (Restriction on Docking of Dogs' Tails) Bill to a select
committee so the public can have their say. Veterinary Association
animal welfare spokeswoman Virginia Williams said the association looked
forward to seeing New Zealand join the increasing number of countries
banning the practice, such as Britain, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway,
Israel and Australia. "A recent scientific review has concluded there is
no clear evidence tail docking has any benefit that can outweigh the
potential harm that may be caused to the animals," Dr Williams said in a
statement. "Side-effects of tail docking can include infection, nerve
damage and self-mutilation, as well as faecal incontinence and perineal

NEW ZEALAND HERALD 21/10/04 7.00 a.m.
Bill to prevent dog docking 21.10.2004 7.00 am
A bill to ban the docking of dogs' tails passed its first reading with a
strong majority in Parliament last night and has been sent to a select
committee for public submissions. The Animal Welfare (Restriction on
Docking of Dogs' Tails) Bill was drafted by Labour MP Dianne Yates. It
is not a Government bill. It was introduced in August this year and
debated for the first time last night. Ms Yates said her bill was
strongly supported by veterinarians and the SPCA. It would have no
effect on dog shows, because there were no penalties for dogs with tails.

October 13 2004 : USA  - Docked Boston Terrier
'About 6 months ago we had to put my English Bulldog asleep... 
Though I loved the English Bulldog I did opt to go with another breed
because I had to do eye surgery, treat skin problems, breathing
problems, etc. with the Bulldog. I decided to go with the Boston
Terrier and though I did do a lot of reading about the breed,
personality, health problems, etc., I failed to notice much
on tail docking. I looked at the Internet and found a first time
breeder. She had both the parents and they are CKC registered. They
had 3 puppies. After several conversations I chose to purchase a
puppy. She had all the proper paperwork and informed me that the pup
had already been docked and had her Dew Claws removed.
Upon bringing the pup home we took her straight to our vet and had
everything checked. She appeared perfect. Though we did not
mention the tail was docked because we thought this to be normal. When
she was between 4 and 5 months we started to notice her messing with
her backside a lot and at times walking funnily. After a few times of
noticing this we looked her over really well. It appeared her tail was
growing into her backside. We took her to the vet and he said in all
his years he had not seen anything like it. We scheduled surgery and
he had to remove some more of her tail and some of her backside. Three
days later, we have now had to take her back to the vet because she is
not doing well and they are going to do another surgery and have
to put a drainage tube in to help fight off infection while she heals
and possibly remove more backside. Also now she is at a greater risk
for not being able to control her bodily functions. The vet said he did
not know why they docked the tail in the first place?...'
31/8/04 - NZ First Vote On Dog Tail Docking
New Zealand First will vote for the Animal Welfare (Restriction on
Docking of Dogs’ Tails) Bill to be sent to a parliamentary select
committee for consideration.
The issue was discussed by MPs at Caucus today.
Rt Hon Winston Peters said that a number of groups and individuals had
contacted New Zealand First about removing dogs’ tails but the party had
not reached a final position.
He said it was important to hear the case for and against the procedure
before deciding how to finally vote on the issue. ' -------------------
8/04 Australian Shepherds - Hevnsent - Australia - '.....We initially
went along with the other breeders and our first litter was docked. We
couldn't go to our regular vet as he refused to be involved and, when we
dropped our pups off to be docked by another vet we didn't hang around
to see the procedure being carried out. Picking the puppies up was
horrific. There they were, our babies, with their tails replaced by
bloodied stumps and sutures. It was horrible and we were both shocked by
the experience. Nonetheless, we thought we'd done the 'right' thing by
our pups until later, when we started to think about the issues in more
depth. So what are the arguments that changed our views about
docking?..........If a breeder tells you that your puppy is a natural
bob, enquire further. Some breeders call dogs natural bobs even when
they are born with a three quarter length tail. Insist on a puppy that
has NOT had its tail cut off with scissors, and one that has NOT had an
elastic band wrapped so tightly around its tail that it fell off. Both
practices are standard among breeders who dock.'


8/04 CANADA message '......
You might be interested to know that in
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, it is almost impossible to get a vet to dock
tails or crop ears. My vet told me the only way he knew of having a vet
do it was to go outside the city and find an older vet. He said the
only people docking tails and cropping ears in Toronto are
breeders......some man has purchased a Yorkie, with a tail from Europe;
he says to improve his line. He lives in Canada and now wants to dock
it's tail so he can show her (she is nearly a year old).......'
Rottweiler puppy's tail cut off in domestic dispute - San Antonio,
Texas, USA 17th August 2004

Police are investigating animal cruelty charges against a man who, in a
rage, cut off a puppy's tail. He allegedly took the puppy belonging to
the girlfriend out of its cage to the kitchen and cut its tail off.
The investigator of the incident said that although the docking was not
illegal it is regarded with greater censure over 7 days old intimating
that dogs can bleed to death.
The punishment for animal cruelty is up to one year in jail and/or a
fine up to $4,000.
see http://www.ksat.com/print/3665080/detail.htm

2004 - USA - extract from Andrew Brace's column "Dog World"
'.......Following on from the minor storm created by the excusing of a
full-tailed Australian Terrier from a group in the USA, it is also noted
that the USA Rottweiler world is also getting very excited at the
prospect of tailed exhibits. There seems to be much confusion over the
American Kennel Club's stance on "excusing" and "disqualifying" and the
difference between the two terms. It is generally felt that the
regulation referring to the excusing of an exhibit (a judge's refusal to
judge a dog) has been misinterpreted but the American Rottweiler Club
Board has recently had published an open letter to judges which clearly
advocates excusing any Rottweiler with a full tail. It concludes 'we
appreciate your consideration in respect to maintaining the integrity of
our breed standard. You would mark your judge's book "excused, tail not
in accordance with the breed standard"'
How many dogs are "in accordance with the breed standard" - this opens
the way for someone to challenge the Rottweiler Club Board? I think it
might be too much to hope that it might be the American Kennel Club!
The Board apparently goes further by stating that Rottweiler judges are
asked to sign a "breed specific preliminary judging contract" and if
they place a Rottweiler with a tail they will be removed from all the
American Rottweiler Club judging lists.
Does that mean that an American Rottweiler judge will refuse
non-docking countries' offers of judging appointments? I wonder!
Perhaps if the non-docking countries report back to the USA Rottweiler
Club those judges who have taken up appointments it might be found that
there are no Rottweiler judges left in the USA!


July 2004 - The UK Kennel Club hosted a meeting in London entitled the "International Canine Political Forum". It was attended by the American KC, the New Zealand KC, the Maltese National Canine Federation, The Kennel Association of Sri Lanka, the Singapore Kennel Club, and the Kennel Club of India. Items of debate included docking, legislation regarding the breeding of pedigree dogs, the PETS Travel Scheme, artificial insemination, open registers for hereditary disorders etc.

TASMANIA: Posted 25/7/04 Tasmania Australia. Government decision to ban the docking of dogs' tails in Tasmania. Dog breeders around the State will be notified in writing and the ban will come into place immediately. Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment animal health and welfare manager Mick Middleton yesterday said the ban was in line with community expectations and national standards.

UPDATE!! - Dobermann tail docking problem on the World Page 19/6/04
USA Dobermann
The docking has had to be re-done because of a painful neuroma enlarging on the stump 30/7/04 :

'I am still so concerned and very stressed about my pup's tail. I had to take her to her regular vet this morning because the sutures were loose and two were hanging by, literally, a thread. Her vet had to put three more sutures in this morning and she said that the sutures had loosened because of the extreme swelling of her tail after the surgery and then as the swelling abated, the sutures did not conform...... I was so relieved after we arrived home from the vet today because I thought that the extra sutures would have done the trick and then I noticed just a few minutes ago that there is still some blood leaking from the surgery site......... '

June 2004 From an Australian Member

I have owned undocked Spaniels for the last 25 years and in all that time have not had a single problem with tail injuries, or hygiene problems associated with undocked tails. My experience has been the front of the dog (eyes and ears) are more prone to damage than the rear quarters and tail when facing cover.

I find it beneficial for the dogs to have a full tail when working as it makes the dog more visible especially when in thick cover.

U.S.A. 19/6/04 - email received
'.....I have a 5 month old Doberman pup whose tail
never healed properly from where it was docked at the
breeders. I have taken her to 4 vets about her tail
and they have all said the same, that her tail will
have to be redocked because the end of her tail is a
huge mass of scar tissue. I am feeling quite a bit of
trepidation about having this done. Her tail is very
ugly and seems to bother her. Sometimes, while she is
playing, she will stop and will bite at it like it is
hurting, or itchy, I am not quite sure really why she
does this. I have told the vets that I will not have
this done for cosmetic purposes only, I will only have
this done if it is medically warranted. They have told
me the same thing, that the large area of scar tissue
is what is bothering her and that it has to be
redocked. I am so worried that this will cause more
problems in the future. I understand fully that there
are no guarantees with any surgery, but this is bone
involvement and seems that there would be more of a
propensity for infection. Since I live in the States,
docking tails and cropping ears (how barbaric and
cruel) are common. I am not sure if the vets are
pro-redocking her because it is such common practice
here.....Should I or Shouldn't I has been the question that has
taken up quite a bit of time in my thoughts these past
few weeks! ....'

Posted 6/04 Austria - As from January 2005 docking and cropping of dogs
in Austria will be banned (also the wearing of choke chains by dogs).
It will also not be possible to cage chickens.
28/5/04 NEW YORK - Cruelty law in puppy tail amputation is not
vague, a Manhattan judge says.
The judge ruled that the state animal cruelty law under which a barber
was convicted of using a crude and painful procedure to lop off a
puppy's tail was not unconstitutionally vague. State Supreme Court
Justice Bruce Allen's decision, made public today, rejected the motion
of Darrel Nelson, 56, to dismiss the charge. Allen had found Nelson
guilty of aggravated animal cruelty after a one-day non-jury trial last
December. At the start of the trial, Nelson's lawyer, John Wilson,
moved to dismiss on the ground that the statute under which Nelson was
charged was unconstitutionally vague. He then agreed to have Allen
decide the motion only if he convicted Nelson. Wilson argued that the
statute's phrase "unjustifiably injures" would not tell a reasonable
person whether tail docking, as the amputation is called, is legal.
The judge compared what Nelson did with gratuitously chopping the
3-month-old puppy's tail off. "A person of ordinary intelligence would
understand that such conduct is unjustified and therefore prohibited by
(the statute)," the judge said. Nelson was arrested Oct. 21, 2002,
after an anonymous tip, apparently from a neighbour who heard the
26-pound Rottweiler pup crying in pain. An agent from the American
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals investigated.
American Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals Special
Investigator Annemarie Lucas said in a court complaint that Nelson
explained how he was removing the puppy's tail: . The puppy, named
Beast, was taken to an animal hospital, where a veterinarian found that
it had a bloody lesion on its tail and was in pain. The puppy was
anaesthetized and its tail was amputated. Wilson said the puppy
belonged to a neighbourhood youth. The lawyer said Nelson told him his
father taught him the docking procedure when he was young. The ASPCA
took custody of the puppy, which has since been adopted. The judge
sentenced Nelson to time served about 10 days he spent in jail after he
was arrested.

Los Angeles Times May 2004
West Hollywood loves its pets. The city famously declared in 2002 that
there were no pet owners in West Hollywood - only pet guardians. Six
months later, the city banned the declawing of cats and other pets,
calling the procedure unnecessary and cruel. City officials acknowledge
the largely symbolic value of most of their actions, but activists say
such gestures can have an impact as sometimes the way
to get things done on a state level is to do it locally and see how it
works. So what's next, a ban on ear-cropping and tail-docking? City
officials won't say. One thing is certain though they haven't ruled it

USA Posted 8/4/04 Merry Crimi, Veterinarian who works in Clackamas County USA has been named Practitioner of the Year by the American Animal Veterinary Hospital Association. She heads a veterinary ethics task force which has taken a position on issues such as tail docking, ear cropping, cat declawing, and dog devocalisation.

AUSTRALIA 1/4/04 - Legislation. New South Wales, banned tail docking. This was the final state to ban docking in Australia.

NEW ZEALAND Posted 4/04- Legislation. Private Member's Bill seeking to ban tail docking.

AUSTRALIA 30/3/04 Legislation Northern Territories - A ban on cosmetic tail docking of dogs has been passed by the Northern Territory Parliament. It will be permitted for therapeutic reasons. The legislation is to be reviewed to ensure that it is effective.
The Minister responsible for animal welfare has agreed to report back to the Assembly on changes once they have started operating.

Posted 2/04 USA - Groups and individuals in the States are attempting to
get docking banned through the courts. There is a case against the
Westminster Show for 'engaging in conduct that rewards unjustifiable
mutilation of dogs' which the applicant (PETA) claims violates State
laws prohibiting cruelty to animals.

NEW ZEALAND. - Posted 5/10/03 - A new member tells me her work involves animal welfare dealing with dogs suffering from illegal docking - bleeding ears, stumps of tails etc

2002 USA. - Puppy exploitation - Letter in "Our Dogs". At Atlanta Airport USA a crate was seen containing 12 Cavalier puppies. 7 weeks old and they came from S. Ireland en route for a puppy farm in the US. Their journey was approx 15 hours. They were no bigger than 4-5 week old puppies and could hardly stand. They were being sold to prospective customers for £850 sterling each. This is happening regularly to all breeds. It has to be recommended that all registrations should be endorsed "not for export" unless one is completely satisfied with the purchaser.

Regarding the report on the Scandinavian "American Cocker" adult show dog which came to the UK to be docked and shown,ADAI lodged an official complaint with the RCVS but as the name of the Vet who did it is not known to ADA (assuming of course that it was a Vet!) they have refused to investigate and take action as their complaints department appear to deal with complaints between dog owner and Vet. The dog owner in this instance is not likely to be complaining! Many people complained to the Kennel Club and prompt consideration was seen to be taken although the dog concerned did not have its award withdrawn. TheDanish Kennel Club indicated that the information would be made known. Surely the UK doesn't want to have a name for docking dogs from other countries where docking is illegal. However although the Kennel Club took action it was so equivocal as to almost give carte blanche for the same thing to be repeated. The Kennel Club implied that the idea was to leave it to the Vet in question to decide whether a dog should be docked at an adult age.

FINLAND - Cropped and docked dogs cannot be shown in Finland if they were born after 1/1/01

FINLAND - MARCH 2002 - "Dogs Today" reported in March that Finland has banned all dogs with docked tails or cropped ears from competing in dog shows as they were concerned that exhibitors may try to bend the rules by exporting their stock to countries where docking is still allowed and then re-importing them to show. This closes the loophole in a country which has banned docking and cropping. Well done Finland!

2002 GERMANY has now banned ear cropping and tail docking but unfortunately has also adopted other far reaching draconian laws which do not conform to EU rulings. They have banned several Bull breeds of dog including the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Anyone travelling through Germany with one of these breeds are said to be exempt but as dogs have been shot and even had petrol poured over them and set fire to in these breeds one may need to think very seriously about entering Germany with one of these breeds.

GERMANY - In accordance with the "Tierschutz-Hundeverordnung" (animal protection dog regulations) from 1st May 2002
the following dogs will be banned from participating at dog shows both at home and abroad:1. Ears cropped after 01.01.19872. Tails cropped after 01.06.87 (exception: dogs used for hunting in accordance with German law for the protection of animals)3. The ban is not enforced in exceptional cases if a medical indication is known, the corresponding certification must be enclosed together with the entry.

HOLLAND - WORLD DOG SHOW 2002 - Amsterdam 4-7/7/2002 Regulations:- 'No cropped ears: The regulations in Holland will be applied. All dogs born after 30/3/89 coming from a country where ear cropping is forbidden or those born after 1/10/96, no matter the country, must not have cropped ears. Dogs whose ears have been cut and whose owner lives in a country where ear cropping is not forbidden, can be entered (measure applicable to French exhibitors). Dogs whose ears have been cropped before ear cropping was forbidden in the country of the owner, can also be entered. Dogs born after 1st September, 2001 and whose tails were docked cannot be entered, no matter what their country.

2002 A UK breeder reported that one of her undocked puppies was later taken to Ireland and docked there.

2002 TRAVELLING TO EUROPE? Many countries have different rules for dogs travelling in cars which if disobeyed carry a hefty fine. The NCDL provide a leaflet called "Travelling Abroad with Your Dog" . The AA also has information for members related to carrying pets in cars. Tel 01245 493753

Finnish/Danish/Swedish Champion American Cocker Spaniel. August 2000. According to a report in an Dog World, a 4 year old Finnish/Danish/Swedish Champion American Cocker Spaniel who had not been docked as docking is illegal in those countries, won a UK Champ title having now been docked! I have made representations to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and The Kennel Club on behalf of the Alliance as we can only presume that a UK Vet did the docking of this adult dog. Our Dogs 15/9/00 - Kennel Club Fact File: 'At its meeting on 5/9/00, the General Committee discussed the above topic. It was agreed in principle that revised regulations would be introduced to prevent the showing of dogs whose tails have been amputated, either in whole or part, without good reasons at an unacceptably advanced age. The revised regulations will be discussed at the Committee's next meeting on 17/10. It was also decided that the new regulation when formally agreed will be applied as from 5/9/00.'

2000 AUSTRALIA - BAN OF COSMETIC TAIL DOCKING OF DOGS Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) PO Box 371 Artarmon NSW 2064 Released: Wednesday, November 29, 2000 ACT leads the way with Australia's first law banning cosmetic tail docking The Australian Veterinary Association today praised the unanimous decision of the ACT Legislative Assembly to legally ban cosmetic tail docking of dogs. The AVA President, Dr Ian Denney, said: "This decision should pave the way for follow-up action by all other States and the Northern Territory to put an end to this cruel and unnecessary practice. "Our organisation, which represents the majority of veterinarians across Australia, has long campaigned against cosmetic tail docking because it serves no valid purpose. "It really is a traditional practice based, essentially, on the whims and fashion ideas of human beings. "What really happens is that young puppies are butchered, usually without any form of anaesthetic or pain relief, by having all or part of their tail chopped-off. It is often done by dog breeders with a pair of scissors!" he said.Dr Denney said the ACT ban stemmed from the sensible actions of the ACT Minister for Urban Services, Mr Brendan Smyth, after he was contacted by an overseas organisation which promotes this form of cruelty. "That body wrote to Mr Smyth complaining about our anti-docking brochure. The Minister then requested the AVA publication, read it and decided he had no ethical choice but to ban cosmetic tail docking. "He incorporated the ban into a package of animal welfare legislation and then called for an extended period of public comment on those measures. During that comment period the AVA waged a nationwide campaign of support for the docking ban. "This proved beyond doubt that the previous 'political wisdom' that the docking advocates were a large and well-organised rump was totally wrong. "We deliberately chose not to have petitions or form letters in our campaign - we wanted individuals from all parts of Australia to write their own messages of support to Mr Smyth.
Those responses swamped the orchestrated efforts of the pro-dockers. "Our campaign also persuaded the ACT Labor Opposition to publicly declare its support for the docking ban, which ensured it had to pass through the Assembly", Dr Denney said. Ringrose, W) 02 9411 2733 (10/03) -

EUROPEAN COUNTRIES WHERE DOCKING IS BANNED as reported in UK Dog Press:: Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. Poland France and Czech Republic leave tails on by choice to be able to compete in the non-docking countries. According to the Corgi Clubs in Denmark and Norway they recommended that the Standard should be "tail short, preferably natural". Finland has opted for a croup which gives a lower tail set and carriage. Others ignore the tail issue. Individual breeders in Finland, Sweden Germany and Holland are trying to keep the wording of the original docked standard and are breeding for bobtails. In Germany 50% breed for bobtails but in Switzerland breeders find full tails easier

EUROPEAN COUNTRIES WHICH HAVE BANNED - Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden,
and Switzerland.

are Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Luxembourg, Switzerland, --------------------
Portugal 94 no reservation Austria 00 no reservation;
Belgium 92 reservation; Cyprus 94 no reservation; Czech Rep 99 reservation; Danark 93 (T) reservation +T;Finland 92 reservationp; Greece 92 no reservation; Germany 92 reservation; Luxembourg 92 reservation;
Norway 92 reservation; Portugal 94 no reservation; Sweden 92 no reservation; Switzerland 94 no reservation.

http://conventions.coe.int/treaty/EN/cadreprincipal.htm Treaty 125 13/11/87 opening for signatures 1/5/92
entry into force E N C R D A T C O

ISRAEL (6/01) - Legislation under the "Cruelty to Animal Protection Law" has recently been amended
by the addition of a ban on the performance of surgical procedures in animal tissue "for cosmetic purposes".
The ban includes the docking of tails or cutting of ears in dogs.

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