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Due to malevolent behaviour from certain people in a forum on a shooting website (and seemingly condoned by their webmaster!) all other links on this site have been removed to safeguard the link sites from being trashed as some have been.


Links to Affiliates, Friends and Supporters of the Anti-Docking Alliance 

WYRE FOREST ANIMAL TRUST   We are a volunteer run charity known as Wyre Forest Animal Trust. We help people with the cost of neutering their pets when they are on a low income. We also rescue and re-home them.
also see
PETS - AUSTRALIA The complete guide to choosing and caring for your pet.  Pet Names, pet care, pet information, help choosing a pet and more.
PET THEMED SITE - AUSTRALIA pet themed information portal sister site to 
Pets - advice and insurance info for your pet - NSW AUSTRALIA.  For a complete range of products and services for your pet. Ideas and advice for your animal, all in one convenient place.
DOG TAGS - NAME TAGS (U.S.A.) Double Sided Engraved Pet Tags.   Name Tags available in many shapes, sizes, colors. Personalized dog tags safe your best friends
TRULY MADLY DOGS (embroidered items) - This month we have added the new breeds of Coton de Tulear, Field Spaniel, Maremma Sheepdog and Labradoodle.  We have new designs for the Afghan Hound , Border Collie and Labrador and new products include Hooded Sweatshirt,Lady fit poloshirt and a slobbercloth, new breeds to be introduced next month are Ibizan Hound and Tibetan Mastif if you have any other ideas about what you would like added to the site please let us know.
USA - My Pets page is just simply a declaration of love for dogs (and ALL animals, for that matter)
DOGS DIRECTORY: Dog related news, books and web resources: 
Description: animal-health related news, books and web resources
MY PET FRIENDS UK offers pet businesses, pet owners and their friends a place to share information, read up-to-date pet news and network with each other via an online pet community. Looking for pet news, pet breeders, kennels, catteries, sitters, pet food, pet shops, pet grooming, pet behaviour training or any else to do with pets? You'll find it on My Pet Friends.   
Wonderful walks for dogs within 5 miles of UK motorway exits
CHARLIE supplies dog beds, collars, dog doors, grooming products, kennels, toys and  any other useful and fun items for your loyal and best friends.  Here you will also find gifts for dog lovers,  such as a specially painted dog portrait; or a favourite photo of your dog enlarged and printed onto canvas.
UKPETMART.COM - FREE ADSDogs for sale, cats for sale.  Buy and sell your pets at ukpetmart pets classifeds free ads.
DOG COLLARS - Hundreds of dog collars and designer dog collars for any size dog or pet. Choose from an absolutely huge selection at discount and wholesale prices. The best place to go for Dog collars.
Immortal Pets Online Pet Memorials
Immortal Pets
Create a beautiful pet memorial with pictures, music, candles and tributes to honor the memory of your pet. Having a pet memorial to visit at any time of day helps to ease your pet                                                                                             loss and keeps precious pet memories alive forever.

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Tel: 04 94 54 21 21 - Fax: 04 94 54 30 00 Web: / - Mail:

Cottage to let Cornwall - close to Eden project or email

BAN FIREWORKS - Ban The Bang Campaign - To Protect our Animals and ...

A campaign to ban the public sale and use of loud fireworks and help save wildlife, domestic animals and livestock. ban the ban g.htm
SHEILA HARPER Limited: Opening the door to a lifetime of canine understanding. Our aim has always been to provide quality education for all, and we offer a unique approach to learning about and working with dogs. Each dog is an individual and is at the centre of any work we do. We examine and deal with the root cause of behaviour and training problems, aiming to promote a holistic approach. We teach kind training with humane methods of handling, giving students the opportunity to have an understanding of canine behaviour and language as well as an appreciation of the part played in body and mind by stress, nutrition and health issues. Sheila Harper has been working with dogs since the late 1980's and is supported by a wonderful team working both professionally and on a voluntary basis. Between them they have a wide range of experience and interests in behaviour, training and complementary therapies. As well as resident lecturer Sheila Harper, regularly used guest speakers include Turid Rugaas, Sally Askew, James French, Christina Sondermann, Gerd Kohler, Anne-Lill Kvam, Minna Vadsager, and Sandra Lockwood.
Sheila Harper Ltd., The Winding House , Walkers Rise , Hednesford . Staffs . WS12 0QU Tel: +44 (0) 1543 878989
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