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New Zealand - 2005                   USA,  St. Antonio 8/2004                           June 2006
Puppy receiving treatment       Man cut tail off in fit of anger

at RSPCA clinic as a result                                              

of home docking


                 10 week old Boxer pup with a      Problem docked site on German Schnauzer               June 2006
                 callus on docked stump                            All About Dogs 2005
                 Devon Vet 2005

     Cocker Spaniel with chronic pain             Weimaraner with hairless stump resulting
               and disfigured stump resulting                 from docking
               from docking                                                Wag & Bone Show 2005

by kind permission of                                             by kind permission of
New Zealand Veterinary Association              New Zealand Veterinary Association

Prophylactic  Dobes
                          by kind permission of                                    photograph circa 1988
New Zealand Veterinary Association   
Dobermann May 2006
                        Dobermann 2007                                                           Dobermann 2007

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These photos have come from Canada with this background information:-
" Nobody really wants people to see the bad part of 'dockings gone wrong"...we do!"
'Please include Kerry's pictures on your site.  I do not want her pain and suffering to be in vain.  She was turned in as a stray; we tried to have reconstructive surgery done to correct the attempt at the botched docking, which failed as they severed part of her spine in the process.  Kerry is alive and will remain at our Sanctuary in diapers, being loved and taken care of for the rest of her life.  The "backyard hacker" who did this to her, leaving her permanently mutilated we will never know it was,  but even if we did, the laws in Canada are so weak that the chances are, they would never have to pay the price like Kerry did.'

'"I frown upon it,"' says Toronto veterinarian Jonathan Mitelman, who refuses to perform either procedure. He has treated dogs with complications from botched tail docking such as spinal cord injuries and skin problems on the tail nub.' "It's quite yucky,"' he says.' END

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The Campaign Against the Docking of Dogs' Tails

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