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The Campaign Against the Docking of Dogs' Tails



The content on this website has been painstakingly collated over a period of time and those wishing to have the benefit and use of information must seek permission to do so and if permission is granted for its use, it must be attributed to the Anti-Docking Alliance.

A.D.A. has associate members in 31 countries and an ever increasing membership in the USA with more and more breeders registering.


WELSH PLENARY 27/3/07    - The list of exempt breeds as amended in the Welsh  Plenary yesterday (27/3/07) is now as follows:
Spaniels: of only the following breeds  will be eligible
English Springer Spaniel   Welsh Springer Spaniel   Cocker Spaniel, but not combinations of breeds. 
Terriers: of only the following breeds  will be eligible
Jack Russell Terrier Cairn Terrier  (normally undocked!!!!!)  Lakeland Terrier Norfolk Terrier but not combinations of breeds.
The HP R breeds remain as originally drafted.  Retrieve breeds implies Retrievers, Labradors, Setters etc. could be docked!!!!
KENNEL CLUB ADVICE ON DOCKING AS FROM 14/3/07 - http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk:80/item/999
HOLIDAY COTTAGE - PAR Cornwall. Available April 2007 onwards.
Overlooking St Austell Bay.  New Build.  2 Bedrooms (1 downstairs). Bathroom.  Garden. Well behaved dogs welcome especially Old English. No children under 12 or smokers. Close to Eden Project, Plymouth and coast. Rates and availability on application  to A.D.A
LORDS' GRAND COMMITTEE - Docking of Working Dogs' Tails (England) Regulations 2007
 3.02 pm                             Mutilations (Permitted Procedures) (England) Regulations2007                                                       Welfare of Animals (Miscellaneous Revocations)                                                                  (England)     Regulations 2007
The Lord President of the Council (Baroness Amos): My Lords, I beg to move the three Motions standing in my name on the Order Paper.
Moved, That the orders of 22 February referring the draft orders to a Grand Committee be discharged.—( Baroness Amos .)
On Question, Motion agreed to.
Debate in Lords 27th March 2007
7/3/07 Report of Lords' Debate (adjourned)  http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld200607/ldhansrd/text/70307-gc0002.htm#070307106000005
1/3/07 CRUFTS There is a campaign afoot by pro-dockers to wear white ribbons at Crufts and to have press coverage.  Any member going to Crufts please would you take a red ribbon to wear if this protest takes place as a stand against the suffering being caused by docking?  Or alternatively a white one with red "drops of blood" on it with small tail attached (maybe the pro-dockers would have a real one available!).

16/2/07  DOCKING REGULATION exemptions FOR ENGLAND (draft) http://www.opsi.gov.uk/si/si2007/draft/20075778.htm
Wales's ban comes into force 30th March 2007; England's docking ban comes into force on 6th April; Scotland on 30th April 2007.
The English Regulations we were led to believe were to go through a "Consultation" process. What a waste of everyone's time!  Where, when and how?! This is certainly not evident as the draft regulations appear to be unchanged from their original format.   The regulations are weak and practically unenforceable being mainly left to Local Authorities who will have no extra funding.  Private prosecutions can be made at the expense of the individual (refundable we are told if case is won!)  Ethical Vets will have the uneviable task of having to deal with clients trying to bluff them into docking a litter(s).   From recent discussion it is obvious that there are breeders in Gundogs who will go to any lengths to get litters docked.
No good reasons have been given for still incorporating crossbreeds to the already large list of exemptions and  no central register is to be kept in order for a paper trail audit.  No DNA testing to be done and there will be weeks apart from the docking procedure and microchipping.  Evidence as to the dog's likelihood to work can be presented to a Vet from just about anybody. Dogs that weren't docked can now be docked.    This part of the Act is a total  whitewash and failure to deal with animal welfare which the government likes to proudly boast it does.  We hope that the Statutory Instruments' Committee will see just how wrong and difficult these regulations will be to enforce and will send them back for unbiased revisions.  How can we be sure that those involved with these regulations did not have a vested interest themselves? 
Scotland much to its credit, has got it RIGHT with a total ban with scientific review.   WELL DONE SCOTLAND.

1/07 SCOTLAND  is having a FULL TAIL DOCKING BAN with no exemptions as from 30th April 2007.  It will not be permissible for dogs to be taken across borders to be docked.   The penalty for docking will be £5,000 fine and/or 6 months' imprisonment

1/07 CONSULTATIONs ON REGULATIONS IN THE ANIIMAL WELFARE ACT - These include the exemption regulations for working dogs.   I have sent details out to the membership but if you haven't received, the following are the links and please respond:-
ENGLAND -  Consultation letter - http://www.defra.gov.uk/corporate/consult/dogtail-mutilation/letter.htm
Consultation Document - http://www.defra.gov.uk/corporate/consult/dogtail-mutilation/consult.pdf

As far as docking is concerned Questions 33 - 38 require a response.  ADA considers that the English list of exempted breeds is far too big and there is a discrepancy in the numbers of breeds on the list for exemption between Wales (Cockers and their crossbreeds and Terriers and their crossbreeds), England (HPRs, Spaniels and their crossbreeds, Terriers and their crossbreeds) and Scotland (none to date).  Although breeders won't be able to travel across the borders from Scotland to get their dogs docked, there appears to be no such restriction from Wales to England.  If there has to be one breed included in the regulations for docking in England and Wales we would suggest it be the Springer and Cocker Spaniels AND NO CROSS BREEDS (as are being suggested in the consultation document) .   The dam must be seen, mother and pup should have DNA taken.  If cross breeds are permitted DNA should be taken from sire, dam and puppy. DNA should be repeated on puppy at the time of microchipping and checked against original.  All exemptions should be registered on a central register with DNA bar code.    All members please include this in your submissions. 
As the Veterinary Surgeon's Act is under review  (P63) it is also not clear whether the process of registering, docking and microchipping these exempted puppies could later be transferred to other listed persons other than a Veterinary Surgeon.  

Closing date for submissions to the consultation Tuesday, 16th January, 2007 This has now been moved to 20th March 2007 so if you haven't submitted  PLEASE DO SO - IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT

WALES - letter of consultation - http://www.defra.gov.uk/corporate/consult/dogtail-mutilation/consult.pdf 
(there is a typo in the email address)  
Consultation document -
Closing date for submissions 12th January, 2007

The regulations after consultation will be approved in time for the Act to come into force in April 2007. IRELAND - have already had their consultation and it closed on 6th December, 2007.  ADA was not given information as a stakeholder

22/12/06 RCVS disciplinary case regarding docking by a Cheltenham Veterinary Surgeon. 15/12/06 - Vet John McKenna has been accused of docking 11 Weimaraner puppies.  He was due to face the RCVS hearing Committee on 12/12/06
Geoff Gill (RCVS) commented: 'It isn't acceptable to hack a chunk of an animal's body off.  If the Vet can prove the animals were intended for working purposes it may be permitted.  The exception exists to prevent working dogs from damaging their tails when going through bushes and undergrowth'
The Vet said that he was told that these dogs MIGHT grow up to become working dogs so I docked their tails.  It isn't illegal to dock the tails of working dogs.  ....It's something I may only carry out once a year. If someone rang me and asked me to dock the tail of a greyhound I'd say no."
22/12/06  He was found guilty and was removed from register for 28 days.
In 1995 Marshall Dale was first and last Vet for 11 years to be charged by the RCVS and was acquitted..  Defence costs in excess of £25,000 were met by the CDB (hunting lady who supports them in a big way financially I seem to remember being told!)
At last the RCVS has acted but the case (RCVS complaints procedure) had to be brought by the breeder herself who apparently claimed that a puppy died as a result and others got infected stumps.Since this is the first docking disciplinary action case since 1995 when Marshall Dale was found not guilty on the evidence provided (defence costs provided by CDB funds in excess of £25,000)  perhaps now they will investigate some of the other Vets who are making a good income from CDB docking referrals.  However until the RCVS change the complaints procedure which only permits the aggrieved client to lodge a complaint they are unlikely to be seen proceeding against those Vets on the CDB list.

We are hopeful they will consider changing this when the Veterinary Surgeons' Act comes up for review in Parliament.



8/11/06 WESTMINSTER - Animal Welfare Bill received Royal Assent..  We now have the Animal Welfare Act 2006, which will come into force in
England on 6 th April 2007.   Regulations still have to be agreed on various sections of the Act including docking exempted working dogs.
6/11/06 WESTMINSTER  - Commons - Proceedings on Consideration of Lords' Amendments  - Lords Amendments Nos. 1 to 70 agreed  1/11/06 WESTMINSTER - Lords' approved amendments for the AWB to move to the Commons


WESTMINSTER - Lords' Marshalled List of Amendments for 3rd reading - Clause 6 is the appropriate clause. http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200506/cmbills/240/06240.1-5.html

7/06 SCOTLAND - Animal Welfare Bill has had Royal assent.  The Bill has the intention to introduce a total ban on tail docking with no exceptions for "working" dogs.   However there will be further consultations in October to allow representations from those bodies who feel that they can prove a need for exemption through scientific evidence. The Act will come into force April 2007. 6/10/06 SCOTLAND  The Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act comes into force - docking banned WAG and BONE SHOW     Saturday 5th August 2006 -
The winner of the Waggiest Heat was Stephanie Saward with her 18 month old Cocker Spaniel. 
Tails were represented by Weimaraners, Boxers, Poodles Standard and Miniature, Springer Spaniels, Wheaten Terriers, Rottweilers, Old English Sheepdog and Norfolk Terrier.  A big thank you to everyone who helped out on the stand, entered and participated generally.  It was so hot but the dogs were all marvellous.

- SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 13TH AND 14TH MAY, 2006.            
Some of our undocked dogs in Arena 2                                           

If I didn't find you afterwards to say thank you my apologies.  I am so pleased we had some excellent examples of dogs in popular breeds and all so well behaved.  Thank you to everyone who took the time out to come and to help out in the arena.  I hope you enjoyed your day's outing as much as we enjoyed meeting you again and your dogs.

  MALEFICENT WEBSITE HACKERS - One of our members forwarded this information to me today:-
After we added your banner and were listed as an ADA affiliate an attempt was made to get into our main site. Fortunately, that attempt failed but whoever it was then somehow managed to trash several files on our news service software that completely knocked it out!  After wading through the server logs I identified a visitor to our site that was referred there directly from one of the forums on a shooting website (details on application).  If you look at the thread you'll see that all your affiliates are listed. I can't actually prove one of the forum was behind the attack on us but it's pretty obvious there is a connection.  
All links on our website link page have now been removed but if anyone particularly wants to remain on let me know.

Any ADA members who may have docked breed dogs on breeding terms:-

If the "breeder" is wanting a puppy from your litter and is asking for it to be docked and you do not wish to dock (the boot is now on the other foot as in the past puppy buyers wanting tails left on  have had to select a puppy in a 3 day period) I would suggest that you clear this with the Kennel Club (if need be get the Kennel Club Chairman - Mr Ronnie Irving) and get them to agree to papers being issued if the "breeder" won't go along with your ethical decision.
The Animal Welfare Bill is shortly to be enacted and in a few months it will be illegal to dock most litters.  Even now it might be regarded by the RCVS as an unethical procedure and a cause for disciplinary action.  

If you are having problems please contact me as early as possible before the arrival of the litter so that the matter can be discussed and taken forward as appropriate with the Kennel Club, RCVS, DEFRA etc.

Animal Welfare Bill progress:-

1st Reading
2nd Reading
3rd Reading
1st Reading
2nd Reading
Royal Assent

6 Docking of dogs' tails
(1) A person commits an offence if—
(a) he removes the whole or any part of a dog's tail, otherwise than for the purpose of its medical treatment;
(b) he causes the whole or any part of a dog's tail to be removed by another person, otherwise than for the purpose of its medical treatment.
(2) A person commits an offence if—
(a) he is responsible for a dog,
(b) another person removes the whole or any part of the dog's tail, otherwise than for the purpose of its medical treatment, and
(c) he permitted that to happen or failed to take such steps (whether by way of supervising the other person or otherwise) as were reasonable in all the circumstances to prevent that happening.
(3) Subsections (1) and (2) do not apply if the dog is a certified working dog that is not more than 5 days old.
(4) For the purposes of subsection (3), a dog is a certified working dog if a veterinary surgeon has certified, in accordance with regulations made by the appropriate national authority—
(a) that the dog is likely to be used for work in connection with—
(i) law enforcement,
(ii) activities of Her Majesty's armed forces,
(iii) emergency rescue,
(iv) lawful pest control, or
(v) the lawful shooting of animals, and
(b) that it is of a type specified for the purposes of this subsection by such regulations.
(5) It is a defence for a person accused of an offence under subsection (1) or (2) to show that he reasonably believed that the dog was one in relation to which subsection (3) applies.
(6) A person commits an offence if—
(a) he owns a subsection (3) dog, and
(b) fails to take reasonable steps to secure that, before the dog is 3 months old, it is identified as a subsection (3) dog in accordance with regulations made by the appropriate national authority.
(7) A person commits an offence if—
(a) he shows a dog at an event to which members of the public are admitted on payment of a fee,
(b) the dog's tail has been wholly or partly removed (in England and Wales or elsewhere), and
(c) removal took place on or after the commencement day.
(8) Where a dog is shown only for the purpose of demonstrating its working ability, subsection (7) does not apply if the dog is a subsection (3) dog.
(9) It is a defence for a person accused of an offence under subsection (7) to show
that he reasonably believed—
(a) that the event was not one to which members of the public were admitted on payment of an entrance fee,
(b) that the removal took place before the commencement day, or
(c) that the dog was one in relation to which subsection (8) applies.
(10) A person commits an offence if he knowingly gives false information to a veterinary surgeon in connection with the giving of a certificate for the purposes of this section.
(11) The appropriate national authority may by regulations make provision about the functions of inspectors in relation to—
(a) certificates for the purposes of this section, and
(b) the identification of dogs as subsection (3) dogs.
(12) Power to make regulations under this section includes power—
(a) to make different provision for different cases, and
(b) to make incidental, supplementary, consequential or transitional provision or savings.
(13) Before making regulations under this section, the appropriate national authority shall consult such persons appearing to the authority to represent any interests concerned as the authority considers appropriate.
(14) In this section—
“commencement day” means the day on which this section comes into force;
“subsection (3) dog” means a dog whose tail has, on or after the commencement day, been wholly or partly removed without contravening subsection (1), because of the application of subsection (3).


Crown application


Subject to the provisions of this section, this Act and regulations and orders

made under it shall bind the Crown.



No contravention by the Crown of any provision made by or under this Act

shall make the Crown criminally liable; but the High Court may declare

unlawful any act or omission of the Crown which constitutes such a



Notwithstanding subsection (2), the provisions of this Act and of regulations


and orders made under it shall apply to persons in the service of the Crown as

they apply to other persons.


If the Secretary of State certifies that it appears to him appropriate in the

interests of national security that powers of entry conferred by or under this

Act should not be exercisable in relation to Crown premises specified in the


certificate, those powers shall not be exercisable in relation to those premises.


In subsection (4), “Crown premises” means premises held, or used, by or on behalf of the Crown.



Animal Welfare Bill




No power of entry conferred by or under this Act may be exercised in relation to land belonging to Her Majesty in right of Her private estates.


In subsection (6), the reference to Her Majesty's private estates shall be

construed in accordance with section 1 of the Crown Private Estates Act 1862

(c. 37).

31/5/06 TODAY'S VICTORY.  SCOTLAND THE BRAVE! Have voted for a ban on tail docking today (subject to regulation which we hope won't sneak in exemptions unless truly warranted through research surveys on all injuries).   Many realised the difficulties in legislation for exemptions without loopholes.  They have also included an amendment which does not permit breeders to take dogs over the border to get them docked.
MSP Rhona Brankin stated :- I want to be absolutely clear that it is not appropriate to single out any one mutilation and legislate on it through the bill. We will not do that. I also want to be clear that section 18 will not come into force until the regulations that allow exemptions have been drafted, consulted on and approved by the Parliament. That means that no final decision will be taken on the tail docking of dogs until the regulations are completed. If those who argue for an exemption for working dogs can present persuasive evidence in support of their case, that will be given full consideration................. I repeat that no final decision will be taken on the tail docking of dogs until the regulations are completed.

23/5/06 Lords' Committee Debate -
The amendments regarding exemptions being omitted from the Bill were dropped.  Hansard report can be found at http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld199900/ldhansrd/pdvn/lds06/text/60523-34.htm#60523-34_head5

4/5/06 - Government Departmental shuffle -
Secretary of State - Rt Hon David Miliband MP
Minister of State - Ian Pearson MP
Parliamentary Under-Secretary - Ben Bradshaw MP
Parliamentary Under-Secretary - Barry Gardiner MP
Parliamentary Under-Secretary - Baroness Ashton of Upholland (also Dept for Constitutional Affairs)
  This is a useful link on the progress of the Animal Welfare Bill
2/5/2006 Lords' Amendments Scheduled:-

HOUSE OF LORDS DEBATE on AWB - 16 April 2006. Hansard link for the debate:-
Report stage next on floor of house.  Lobbying of Peers now taking place before they vote. If you haven't received an email from ADA let me know and if you haven't written to any Peers PLEASE do so - we won't get this chance again for many years.

March 2006 SCOTLAND At this link you will find the Scottish Animal Welfare Bill. You will need to look at page 8 section 126 to make sense of the following link which has the "marshalled" amendments that have been voted on by the Environment and Rural Development Committee this week. A total ban has been recommended to the Scottish Parliament for their vote in May.

15/3/06   Westminster House of Commons Report Stage http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200506/cmbills/117/06117rsp.htm
14/3/06 Report and 3rd Reading - Total ban failed by 11 votes.  Exemptions for working dogs passed.  Certain breeds/crossbreeds/?mongrels of dogs, if they can be proved that they will be used as working dogs under regulations, will be permitted to be docked.  Dogs will not be able to be shown docked. The Bill will probably be voted on in the Lords in about a month where an amendment could be placed on the Bill.  Most of the detail will be in regulation which will be dealt with in consultation with Stakeholders after the Bill has received Royal Assent in November 2006.
This is how YOUR MP rewarded you after all your hard work (check it out):-
The first division below was voting for the clause (dog tail docking in the Bill AYES 476  NOES 63  on the following link:-
The second division was for total ban (AYES) or exemptions (NOES).  NOES got it by 11 votes.

March 2006 - SCOTLAND
The Scottish Minister, Mr. Finnie, has put forward a total ban for Scotland as no evidence presented to him made him of the opinion that exemptions were necessary.
The Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Bill, is currently in its Stage 2, and is being considered by the ERDC in the Scottish Parliament.
See link. http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/business/committees/environment/index.htm
The next major stage which the Bill will go through is Stage 3 which will take place during the week commencing 29 May. The Bill will receive a full discussion in the Scottish Parliament. You may want to lobby MSPs before this. I expect that you will be able to find details on how to lobby MSPs on the Scottish Executive website. For the consultation on mutilations, this will be formally issued after the Bill receives Royal Assent in June/July. As yet, I do not have an exact date for its issue. You are on the stakeholders list and will be sent a copy. The consultation will last 3 months. After the end of the consultation period, the responses will be analysed and any amendments made to the regulations in line of the comments which have been received. The regulations will be presented before Parliament and as they are subject to the affirmative procedure, they must be discussed by the Parliament. I do not have a timescale for this.
3/3/06 RCVS Statement issued today see this link:- http://www.rcvs.org.uk/Templates/Internal.asp?NodeID=94508

Alphabetical List of MPs:-      http://www.parliament.uk/directories/hciolists/alms.cfm
Alphabetic List of Constituencies and MPs:- http:/www.parliament.uk/directories/hciolists/alcm.cfm
Members by area Scotland:- http://www.parliament.uk/directories/hciolists/CLMSCOT.cfm
There are links from these to Metropolitan Districts, Shire Counties, London Boroughs, Wales
You can also check out your local 'phone directory
also http://www.upmystreet.com
or you can write to them as Member of Parliament for (your area), The House of Commons,
London SW1A 0AA

Please keep me posted as to how you are doing on this.
31/1/06  URGENT -
- I need to do a numerical survey of MPs from their responses to you.  I need to know  (a) if they replied that they agreed with a total docking ban (b) a ban but with exemptions for working dogs or (c) the status quo.  Of course you may have had a politcal answer which didn't give you a clue!  Please let me know asap so we know who are the ones we need to lobby most in the next 10 days.

21/2/06 SCOTLAND - Total ban on tail docking planned
The docking of dogs' tails in Scotland is to be completely banned under legislation now going through Holyrood, ministers have said.
Previously the Executive had said working dogs would be exempt from the ban on tail docking proposed in the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Bill.
But the Executive said that after hearing scientific and veterinary evidence taken by a Holyrood committee, it now believed there was no case for allowing an exemption for working dogs.


2/2/06 CONSORTIUM - ADA has joined a consortium in order to aid the Animal Welfare Bill's passage through Parliuament.


MAILSHOTS - Some of you are probably just checking up on the newspage every so often but if anyone wants to be included in mailshots please email me but make sure I always have an up to date email address info@anti-dockingalliance.co.uk

In 2004 there were approximately 88,000 (eighty eight thousand!!) docked breed puppies registered with the Kennel Club. This does not take into account those which weren't registered with the Kennel Club and dogs such as Jack Russells, crossbreeds, mongrels who appear docked for some unknown reason.
18/1/2006 Report of Standing Committee on the Animal Welfare Bill:-


Mr. Bradshaw: I shall certainly consider that idea, although I cannot give the hon. Gentleman any assurance about a statutory instrument. The Government will not be able to control what amendments are debated on Report: that will be up to Mr. Speaker. However, both sides have made it clear that if the issue is raised, it is not one on which the Government would be right to whip Labour Members. For the reasons that I have given, it is our strong preference that the issue should be dealt with by statutory instrument. Going by the balance of opinion in the Committee, we would bring forward a statutory instrument based on the invisible version 3, which would implement a full ban on the tail docking of dogs.

It now goes to the Report stage

BREEDERS  Please would you try the following out on your litter for me before they are 3 days old:-
tickle/scratch the midside skin  of  body and tell me what response you get from the puppies please
ALSO pinch on the back leg or hold paw firmly and see if they  pull it away.  Let me know the results as soon as possible

2nd Reading and lengthy debate took placeThe concensus seemed to be that a docking ban should be in the Bill.  A few speakers were in favour of exemptions for working dogs and one MP from Wantage who quoted the Council of Docked Breeds' literature and was in favour of the status quo. The Bill was voted upon and passed to Committee where it will be for the next fortnight.   They seemed to feel that there wasn't enough detail shown in the Bill concerning secondary legislation and they would have liked to have more precise detail.

ALL ABOUT DOGS, Brentwood, Essex-  Sat and Sunday 13th and 14th May, 2006.   This is a such a friendly all encompassing dog show and it will be our final year with a stand so why not help us make the most of it by bringing your dog(s) along for people to see and admire.  We will all be celebrating along with our dogs the happy endings!
  Let me know if you plan to come as I would like to be a bit more organised this year and ask people if they can spend a set length of time at the Stand with their dog (say an hour at a time).   It is difficult when visitors want to see a particular breed of undocked dog and I can't tell them when there will be an adviser on the stand for the breed to advise!

EXHIBITORS OF UNDOCKED SHOW DOGS AND THOSE USED IN THE FIELD.   Note this well.  On the Docked Breeds website under the NEED FOR LOBBYING it says:-
"Meanwhile our ability to ensure that docked dogs continue to dominate in the shooting field, in the show ring and elsewhere has not been lost on those who are against us".    Those of you who show tailed dogs may have noticed this  and how many of the docked breed clubs won't promote your litters.     
They are damning themselves and the Kennel Club by their own words.   Alsonote they want a return to lay docking. 

ANIMAL WELFARE BILL (Westminster) An electronic copy of the bill can be found at:-
along with links to the Defra press release  and Regulatory Impact Assessment ( in particular SEE  section 15) .
Questions and Answers can be found on the following link (in particular SEE question 5):-
PLEASE  EVERONE start researching your MP (see below) and write a letter to him/her.  Also enlist everyone else you know to do so too.   The letters should be
short and polite (enclose a photo of your undocked dog).  Stick to the point that Clause 5 of the Bill explains that "Mutilations" on any protected animal  will be prohibited procedures and the definition of mutilation is stated as 'interference with the sensitive tissues or bone structure of the animal, otherwise than for the purpose of its medical treatment'.  The 1949 Horse Docking and Nicking Act is to be repealed and will fall into this clause so why isn't dog tail docking being seen as part of this clause and why is being treated differently?
We all know who and what we are up against and unless we make this big effort in the coming weeks any chance of getting a docking ban through legislation could fall  at this last hurdle.  It is going to be for Parliament to decide not Government so every MP must be on side. This is not the time to be apathetic because if you don't do anything now, this cruel act will be continued and all our previus efforts will once more have been in vain.
These are some of the web links by which you can track down how to contact your MP:-

Alphabetical List of MPs:-     
Alphabetic List of Constituencies and MPs:- http:/www.parliament.uk/directories/hciolists/alcm.cfm
Members by area Scotland:- http://www.parliament.uk/directories/hciolists/CLMSCOT.cfm
There are links from these to Metropolitan Districts, Shire Counties, London Boroughs, Wales
You can also check out your local 'phone directory
also http://www.upmystreet.com
or you can write to them as Member of Parliament for (your area), The House of Commons,
London SW1A 0AA

Please keep me posted as to how you are doing on this.

4 Animal Welfare Bill ,—Secretary Margaret Beckett, supported by the Prime Minister, Mr Secretary Prescott, Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr Secretary Clarke, Mr Secretary Hain and Mr Ben Bradshaw, presented a Bill to make provision about animal welfare ; and for connected purposes: And the same was read the first time; and ordered to be read a second time to-morrow and to be printed [ Bill 58].Ordered , That the Explanatory Notes relating to the Animal Welfare Bill be printed [ Bill 58-EN].

14/10/2005 ANIMAL WELFARE BILL - Important see this link   http://www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/welfare/bill/index.htm
This is how it progresses through Parliament:- 1st Reading(done); 2nd Reading (December?); Standing Committee (January); Report (February -possible amendment); 3rd Reading;
1st Reading; 2nd Reading; Committee; Report; Royal Assent.
For Scottish members, friends and colleagues, please contact your MP and congratulate them on the Bill and ask them to vote in support- you can find your MP at:- http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/msp/index.htm

The following is being sent around by some of the Breed Clubs to their members:-
QUOTE START 'During a meeting with Ben Bradshaw MP earlier this month, the Kennel Club made clear its view that the choice to dock a puppy's tail is one that should remain with the owner in conjunction with their veterinary surgeon.   The Kennel Club emphasised to the Minister that Breed Standards provided descriptions of traditionally docked breeds with undocked tails and that these dogs could also be shown with their tails. Following the meeting, the Kennel Club provided the Minister with a paper summarising scientific evidence that concluded docking was not harmful as puppies were in a different neo-natal group to human babies, calves and lambs, and as a result their senses were not fully developed within the first few days of their life.  As it would appear that no conclusive evidence exists to the contrary, the Kennel Club called on government to either commission further research disproving
these findings or keep current legislation intact.  The Kennel Club is also completing a draft Regulatory Impact Assessment for Defra on its ‘Mutilations' Regulation so that Defra will have more of an idea of the impact that aspects of the Animal Welfare Bill could have on the industry, breeders, sellers and dog owners if it made it illegal to dock the tails of non-working dogs and allow lay people to remove puppies dewclaws.'QUOTE END
5/10/05 Scotland - Bill in Progress - 18 Mutilation -
Scottish Executive - The Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Bill was introduced into the
Scottish Parliament yesterday.
Speaking at the launch in Holyrood Park, Mr Finnie said: “This legislation proposes significant new measures to safeguard the welfare of domestic, pet and captive animals and to help to bring an end to animal suffering in Scotland.
“The Bill will require animal owners to care for their animals properly. “It will make it illegal to sell animals to young people under the age of 16 and to offer animals as prizes.

The mutilation of animals for cosmetic purposes has long been a cause for concern and unless such practices can be proven to be necessary on welfare grounds, these activities will be banned under the Bill. "

Scottish Executive - Mr Finnie of the Scottish Executive made a statement about the policy on tail docking last week and the First Minister will make a statement on whether the Bill will be in the next session of Parliament on 6 September. Mr Finnie's presentation which he read at the Festival of Politics last week is as follows:-
Perhaps the most controversial of our proposals, at least as far as my mail box is concerned, is our intention to prohibit the docking of dogs' tails.
This is not a measure we are undertaking lightly. We believe that most tail docking takes place for cosmetic reasons or to meet a traditional breed standard. This does not sit comfortably with our wish to promote the welfare of animals. There is conflicting evidence on the degree of pain which puppies feel when they have their tails docked. There is evidence which has shown that tail docking of dogs is painful and has harmful consequences. However, pain is not the only reason why we would like to see an end to the docking of dogs' tails. The tail in a dog is used as a counter-balance. Tail muscles support the muscles in the hind quarters and stabilise the longer length of the vertebral column. In dogs, the tail is an important indicator of the mood of the dog and is easily seen from some distance away. Thus a dog with a tail is able to express its emotional state, assertion of social status, acceptance of a subordinate or equal position, or a willingness to fight.
Tail docking can only legally be conducted by a veterinary surgeon and since 1996 the Royal College of Veterinary
Surgeons has instructed veterinary surgeons not to dock tails. The British Small Animal Veterinary Association and the World Small Animal Veterinary Association have also agreed to a ban on prophylactic docking.
Cosmetic tail docking of puppies has been banned in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Denmark, and certain territories in Australia and New Zealand. This clearly shows that our concerns about this practice are shared throughout the world.
I shall publish a draft of the secondary legislation which will detail the list of exemptions which we consider necessary to protect animal health and welfare. For instance we think it will be necessary to make an exemption for working gun and sniffer dogs, where tail damage could be a real problem if they are working in dense cover or in confined spaces.
This will give Parliament, interested organisations and individuals the opportunity to examine and comment on the proposed exemptions before the Bill is approved by Parliament.
Quote from the Scottish Exec website on key legislative proposals:-  Start quote  'introducing a general prohibition on "mutilations". Certain procedures can be permitted by Order - most likely to be farming practices of tail docking of lambs and piglets, dehorning and castration.' end quote

7/05  The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons' Act 1966 is up for revision. 
http://www.rcvs.org.uk/Templates/Internal.asp?NodeID=93758&int2ndParentNodeID=93749&int1stParentNodeID=89640 Everyone who has joined ADA will know that the disciplinary aspect of the RCVS has appeared lacking in particular over docking.
   Many of you will have visited the Vets4docking website and have seen that it is acting contrary to the College's ethical codes and the R.C.V.S. clearly state that docking outside the reasons they give is cause for disciplinary action.  Despite this they have not been seen to take action against the Vet(s) involved.
ADA's submission to the Royal College of Vets can be found at this link

Jan 22 1895 'Sir, I am desired by the Prince of Wales to acknowledge the receipt of your communication and to inform you in reply that he has kept dogs for many years and frequently sends them to exhibitions but that he has never allowed any dog belonging to him to be "mutilated". His Royal Highness has always been opposed to this practice, which, he considers, causes unnecessary suffering and it would give him great pleasure to hear that owners of dogs had agreed to abandon such a objectionable fashion. I am, sir, your obedient servant, Francis Knollys' .   Ear cropped dogs were then banned in all shows by the Kennel Club.  At a later date horse tail docking was also made illegal.
What conclusions should we be drawing from the Kennel Club's recent moves? ...........

May 2005 - BREEDERS - Warning about overseas scam purchasers in particular Africa and Middle East. They send an over-generous deposit and rely on the breeder to point it out. They then request a return of the excess.  The original cheque bounces and they then also have access to bank details.
July 2005 - One of our breeder members has just received the following email and we ask everyone to be
watch out and be aware of these unscrupulous dealers:-
From: Faisal Qureshi Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 12:59 AM Subject: "Breed" ad at PUPPYDOGWEB.COM :-

Hi,      I'm from Pakistan have my dog kennels and farms for  other animal,also have Brids too, I import them
from other countries and breed them here, know i like to purchase few dogs from your kennel i need 2 adult
males 4 to 6 adult females and 5 to 7 puppies, but are in perfect show quality and best for future breeding,
I''m the person who introduce more then 44 breeds in my country, Please I also like to purchase few mini
horses,birds,farm animals and few other animals like monkeys, champenzes, Tiger babies, lion babbies hope
you help me out in that matter too,and give some peoples contact who breed or deal in that stuff, please
send pics which dogs you have for sale right now in adults and in puppies, also send some information
about your self and your own pic, hope to get your reply soon thanks.  You may call anytime note: this
is not my business to sale pets i keep them coz i love them. i''m in petroleum business and electronic media producer,

http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Publications/2005/05/1683736/37494       to see the FULL draft Bill
this is the relevant section for A.D.A. :-
It is proposed to ban or restrict the practice of the docking of dogs' tails.  Arguments have been made that the practice should be retained for dogs which have tails that are particularly prone to tail injury (e.g. certain working dogs).  It is considered appropriatethat the Bill bans mutilations, the interference with the sensitive tissues or bone structure of the animal, except for the medical treatement of an animal, but allows Scottish Ministers to have power to permit specified mutilations under regulations.

2.  A ban on the tail docking of dogs will result in the reduction in the income of some Veterinary Surgeons who currently undertake this practice.  Precise figures of these Veterinary Surgeons are not available.  Vets. who currently undertake this practice for non-therapeutic reasons are doing so in contravention of the RCVS Guide to Professional Conduct.  Any reduction in veterinary income has to be balanced against the support given by the professional Veterinary Associations to a ban.

3. A mandatory ban on tail docking would produce virtually no compliance costs.  It would have minimal impact on Veterinary Surgeons as the practice forms only a minor contribution to their income.  The proposal on tail docking is likely to be supported by the Veterinary Associations. 4.  Some responders felt that an undocked puppy of a traditional docked breed would be worth less or more difficult to sell that a docked puppy.  Any drop in value would be temporary as the supply of docked dogs would reduce as the ban was enforced.

Section 18 of the Draft Animal Health & Welfare (Scotland) Bill Consultation Mutilation:-
(1) A person commits an offence if the person -
     (a) carries out a prohibited procedure on a protected animal; or
     (b) causes a prohibited procedure to be carried out on a protected animal.
(2) A person who is responsible for an animal commits an offence if - 
     (a) another person carried out a prohibited procedure on the animal; and
     (b) that person responsible for that animal -
          (i) permits that to happen; or
         (ii) fails to take such steps (whether by way of supervising the other person or otherwise) as are reasonable in the circumstances
to prevent that happening.
(3) Subsections (1) and (2) do not apply in such circumstances as the Scottish Ministers may by regulations specify. (4) In this section, references to the carrying out of a prohibited procedure on an animal are to the carrying out of a procedure, otherwise than for the purpose of medical treatment of the animal, which invoves interference with the sensitive tissues or bone structure of the animal.

Look up this DEFRA page for their in-depth information on tail docking  :- http://www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/welfare/domestic/awbillconsulttaildocking.pdf

TURIN, ITALY April 2005 - A law is about to be passed in which fines up to €500 can be imposed on dog owners in Turin not complying to new dog walking laws.  Pets must be walked at least 3 times a day.  People cannot dye their pets' fur and are banned from any form of animal mutilation such as docking dogs' tails. 

One of our members tells of a traumatic docking experience:-
'I joined the CDB & was led up the garden path about how it would be painless for my 'little children'. Everything was arranged for the 'deed', so one winter's night about 3 years ago I set out on my journey with a box full of 'babies'. I set them up with hot water bottles and made everything perfect for them. Upon arrival at the destination, I was met by the 'Vet'. He started with the dew claws, "Oh! We've got a little screamer have we?!" Then the time for the tail! I was horrified with what I saw! I had to leave the building, for 'his' sake. Then 'Silence', "Thats it! They are all sleeping again!"
'Yeah Right! Traumatic Shock!' We got home and all hell broke loose! I can't believe how puppies sound like injured children! 'Stella', the mother, was devastated, she had been so good with the pups!
She really trusted me to look after her puppies! 'What had I done!' That guilt will stay with me forever!
Anyway, all that night I sat in the whelping box in tears. If the vets were open, I would have gone and had the litter put to sleep, to ease their suffering. 'No dog deserves to be treated like this'

Pedigree Chum, Eukanuba and some other petfood manufacturers are requesting agents to supply undocked dogs for their advertising. This is great news as it promotes the image of the whole dog which will then be regarded as the norm. ADA receives requests periodically from agents requesting undocked dogs and some of you will already have had a request. If any of you have gone to a photoshoot with your undocked dog let me know and we will list them on this page so we can all keep
an eye out for them.
Polish Lowland Sheepdog - Digby - currently featuring in "Your Dog"
Old English Sheepdog - "My Hero" BBC 1 - one appearance January 2005
Old English Sheepdog - ICI Weathershield Paint tins with cottage (unfortunately tail isn't showing
as it is a forward shot.

Weimaraner Enzo - Pedigree Chum France

PRESENTS??  Weathervanes - undocked Dobermanns and Jack Russells
Home page:            http://www.weathervanes.co.uk/
Undocked Dobes:            
Undocked Jack Russels   http://www.weathervanes.co.uk/images/Weathervanepics/Dogs/jackrusselswithtail.jpg

1/3/05 Government Reply to EFRA Committee Report - Draft Animal Welfare Bill - The reply was available
on 3rd March 2005 at 11.00 am It will also be available on the internet at approx 3.30 pm on 3/3/05 and will be
accessible via the Committee's Homepage

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