The Alliance was set up in 2000 because the new millennium seemed the appropriate time for abolishing the practice of docking dogs' tails.

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Docking IS Shocking


The docking of dogs' tails in only certain breeds has been considered a tradition.   Many reasons have been cited for docking dogs' tails (such as rabies prevention; to avoid a dog tax for working dogs; to stop dogs being able to turn direction quickly; to prevent injury) but the most plausible and likely one is that of cosmetic on Click on About Us

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Would you like a rubber band so tight around your thumb, that your thumb will eventually drop off after weeks of pain you can do nothing to relieve?
Well it's an everyday common docking practice

©photo one courtesy of The New Zealand Herald

Vet Dr. Anita Kocsis referred to docking as an unethical and cruel practice of cutting off the end of the puppy's spine with no anaesthetics. It is like having a finger chopped off see full article link in WORLD News

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Example of continued suffering from docking

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